Learn about Safurai

Safurai is an AI-based IDE extension designed to assist developers with coding, debugging, and refactoring. It acts as a virtual assistant, providing solutions and suggestions for any issues that may arise during the software development process. With Safurai, developers can improve their workflow and code quality, making the development process more efficient and streamlined.

(use the extension with an opened workspace to avoid several bugs, we are fixing this issue)


  • How to install: Safurai Extension can be found in Visual Studio Code. Follow the steps to set up Safurai Extension on your Visual Studio Code IDE. Learn more

  • What Safurai Knows: Safurai AI is made up of various Large Language Models optimized to carry out each individual function of the extension.

  • Features: The Textbox, debugging, refactoring, creating docs, Super Search and more.

  • The Textbox: Ask for information, code creation, and other requests to Safurai. Everything in one textbox, The Textbox.

  • Code Shortcuts: highlight your code and use the 7 shortcuts.

  • Your Creations: you can create your shortcuts in the Safurai editor.

  • Train Your Assistant: let Safurai know what are you working on, train your AI assistant with one button. (Beta function, available only for Javascript)

  • Super Search: find your function without remembering it! In the Super Search textbox, describe what feature you want to find and Safurai will tell you where it is in your projects. (Beta function, available only for Javascript)

  • History: at the top left of Safurai Extension UI you will find a History icon where your requests will be recorded.

  • Beta Testing Phase (current): currently Safurai is only available for Visual Studio Code. We are waiting for you on our fantastic Discord Server to give us your feedback! Go to the server

  • Future Pricing: Safurai is completely free in all its features. In the future, we will always offer a Free Plan with limited usage and two Premium Plans for Individuals and Enterprises.

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